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last update  10/02/2020
Where we are

Registered office:
Via Machiavelli, 4
34132 - Trieste

Operational offices:
Via Ugo Bassi, 6
20159 - Milan
Tel.: +39 02 6076 5411

Corso Cavour, 5/A
34132 - Trieste.
Tel.: +39 040 7777 111

Toll-free number (from Italy only)
800 155 155


Chi siamo


Il Gruppo Banca Generali

Banca Generali is a leading company in Italy in private banking, able to offer its customers the best strategies for effective financial planning. Read more


Business model

Banca Generali's business model is founded on offering a wide range of financial products that also include those of third parties, according to the open-architecture model. Read more

Vision & Mission

Banca Generali strives to be Italy’s number-one private bank by value of service and innovation. Read more

Generali Group
Numero Verde 800-155155