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last update  10/06/2016
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Registered office:
Via Machiavelli, 4
34132 - Trieste

Operational offices:
Via Ugo Bassi, 6
20159 - Milan
Tel.: +39 02 6076 5411

Corso Cavour, 5/A
34132 - Trieste.
Tel.: +39 040 7777 111

Toll-free number (from Italy only)
800 155 155


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Il Gruppo Banca Generali

Banca Generali is a leading player in Italy in protecting and growing investments and is capable of offering its clients the best strategies for effective financial planning. Thanks to its advisory networks and deep-rooted presence throughout Italy, the Banca Generali Group manages €41.6 billion (Source: Assoreti at 31.12.2015) for more than 250,000 clients. Read more


Business model

Banca Generali's business model is founded on offering a wide range of financial products that also include those of third parties, according to the open-architecture model. Read more

Mission & Values

Banca Generali sets the standard for the Italian financial advisory market, aiding its clients in choosing the solutions best suited to protecting their financial and real-estate investments. Read more

Generali Group
Numero Verde 800-155155