Hana To Yama

last update  03/04/2019

More than 30 photographs showed  in Banca Generali Private's headquarter, in Piazza S. Alessandro 4, Milan. From Monday 17 December 2018 to 5 April 2019


On Monday 17 December the photographic exhibition dedicated to the artist Linda Fregni Nagler will be inaugurated, one of the most intriguing figures in Italy.

Presented by Banca Generali, "Hana to Yama" is an exhibition showing more than 30 photographs from the Italian artist. The exposition will be open to the public from 10 am to 6.30 pm, or by booking at receptionprivatemi@bancagenerali.it and can be seen freely until April, 5th 2019.

"Hana to Yama" is dedicated to Japanese photography and presents two different sets of photographs: one representing street vendors of flowers and the other representing scenic views of Mount Fujiyama, two typical subjects that recur in the production of the so-called School of Yokohama.

All the photographs exhibit are linked to Nagler's many years of research on the Japanese artistic movement of the second half of the nineteenth century, which coincided with the opening of the borders and the beginning of the country's modernization process - a theme that attracted many artists and intellectuals in what was defined as a sort of new "grand tour of the East".

Nagler has re-photographed the original photographs, printed them in the darkroom on cotton paper and colored, after a long process of research and development of materials and pigments that can now be assimilated to those of Yokohama Shashin.


The photographic exhibition is accompanied by a volume Humboldt Books in Italian and English.


BG Art Talent: to give more importance to Italian artists

"Hana To Yama" is the first exhibition of BG Art Talent, the project developed by Banca Generali in collaboration with Vincenzo De Bellis (Associate Director and Curator of the Walker Art Center of Minneapolis in the United States and Co-Director of the Furla Foundation in Italy) with the aim of bringing new light on Italian talent.

Sponsored by the City of Milan, the exhibition is proposed as one of the most interesting events among the artistic proposals in the city.


Linda Fregni Nagler

Born in Stockholm, Linda Fregni Nagler is a photography teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera and boasts prestigious achievements: in 2007, the New York Prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Columbia University, in 2008, the residence of the Dena Foundation of Paris, in 2014, the residence at the Laspis in Stockholm and, in 2016, the ACACIA Award.




Linda Fregni Nagler, Fujiyama from Omiya Village, 2018


3 Hand Colored Gelatin Silver Prints, cm 22,3 x 29,3 each, framed cm 42,4 x 43,7 each

Generali Group
Numero Verde 800-155155