You created it, we protect it together

last update  19/10/2018

Protecting family assets and making ithem grow over the years, just as a greenhouse takes care of plants and preserves them from the bad wheater. This is the sense of "You created it, together we protect it", the new advertising spot of Banca Generali Private on air starting from Monday 22 October 2018.

All around patrimonial consultancy is the distinctive feature of Banca Generali Private which offers to private clients a dedicated professional to manage, protect and enhance the heritage, taking care of every single aspect. Banca Generali's private bankers, in fact, do not limit themselves to finding tailor-made solutions in the financial sector, but they work to protect the overall wealth of Italian families, accompanying them in the construction of the main life projects.

Designed by M & C Saatchi and shot in the suggestive setting of the Garden of Horticulture in Florence, the spot develops in a 60-second video production that deepens the bank's protection concept by relying on the metaphor of greenhouse care, a natural environment where to grow over time the most delicate plants.

The campaign line "You created it, together we protect it" inspires the commercial object and takes shape in the suggestive environments of the imposing greenhouse that evoke sensitivity, perseverance and dedication, all elements that guide the daily work of Banca Generali consultants Private alongside Italian families. Furthermore, the decision to use natural elements reiterates Banca Generali's commitment to environmental sustainability, an element at the center of its vision and a source of inspiration for new offer dynamics that reflect sensitivity towards these issues.

"Concepts such as personalization of service, trust, social responsibility and competence are not easy to portray, but M & C Saatchi has been able to summarize the essence with great elegance and effectiveness. The attention to detail, the choice of plants, the lights and the music reflect the professionalism in our work and create a strong emotional involvement. We are very happy with the result "states Michele Seghizzi, Director of Marketing and External Relations of Banca Generali.


Watch the video of "You created it, together we protect it" below:


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