Vision and Mission

last update  28/09/2018


Banca Generali strives to be Italy’s number-one private bank by value of service, innovation and sustainability.



Trusted professionals constantly by your side, to build and help you reach your life goals.


Banca Generali offers services and develops its leadership of the Italian personal financial services market through a comprehensive and innovative range of banking, insurance and asset management products. 

Banca Generali aims at working through its network of Financial Advisors to meet each customer's investment and savings needs based on the customer’s financial profile and time horizon.



In conducting its activities, Banca Generali promotes the ethos of sustainability through economic development that also takes in great account social environmental aspects.
Banca Generali therefore promotes initiatives geared towards developing and spreading increased responsibility, thereby providing a concrete contribution to quality economic and social development while respecting and promoting the implementation of human rights within all of its spheres of influence. The Group is also committed to taking an environmentally friendly approach to its operations, launching initiatives aimed at developing and spreading increased environmental awareness.



Generali Group
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