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last update  22/01/2018

Working at Banca Generali means embarking upon a process of constant growth at both a human and professional level. The employees participate in merit-oriented programmes aimed at building knowledge and skills through training sessions and project-management activities. The programmes are in addition to advanced training initiatives (e.g., post-graduate master's degree programmes, advanced courses with prestigious academic institutions and coaching programmes), national and international mobility and cultural, sport and experiential events organised by the Bank, aimed at motivating and retaining the most talented professionals.

Without distinction by gender, Banca Generali offers market-benchmarked remuneration complemented by additional benefits and incentivisation systems aimed at improving the quality of life of those who work at the Group and rewarding performance, as well as achieving specific objectives on the basis of merit. The remuneration package of indefinite-term employees (full-time and part-time) is tied to the National Collective Labour Agreement or local laws and regulations and the Company Supplementary Agreement. It includes supplementary pension plans, insurance coverage (including voluntary supplementary insurance), healthcare, product discounts, performance bonuses and other bonuses and benefits such as reimbursement of childcare costs, laundry services, parking for expecting mothers and agreements with medical centres and local institutions for special service offers (Trenord, ATMs, etc.).

Specific training programmes are organised for new recruits in order to both help them become integrated within the company and gain a better awareness of its business.

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