Employee Policies

last update  22/01/2018

In close connection with the orientations and methods of the Generali Group, Banca Generali adopts policies that make human resources the focus of corporate activities.

Personnel are hired with regular work contracts, as no form of illegal work, exploitation, or forced or child labour is tolerated. Collaborators receive clear and specific information on regulatory and remunerative aspects when they are hired and during their employment.

The European Social Charter of the Generali Group, also adopted by Banca Generali, stresses recognition of the fundamental rights of workers, also establishing the aims of developing issues related to the protection of human resources and of those representing Group employees.

Furthermore, in keeping with banking practices and the Self-Regulatory Code promoted by ABI (Italian Banking Association), Banca Generali has adopted an Internal Code of Conduct. This document states that relations among colleagues and collaborators must always respect the principles of loyalty, fairness and solidarity.

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