Corporate Governance Project

last update  15/09/2014

Pursuant to the Order of the Governor of the Bank of Italy of 4 March 2008, Banca Generali has prepared a Corporate Governance Project (approved by the Board of Directors on 24 June 2009 and most recently amended by the Board of Directors on 24 September 2013). The purpose of the Corporate Governance Project is to illustrate:

- the reasons why the chosen traditional administration and control model is suited to ensuring the efficiency of management and effectiveness of controls;

  • the decisions concerning the Bank’s organisational structure;
  • the organisational structure of the companies belonging to the banking group;
  • the Articles of Association and financial structure;
  • the Internal Control System;
  • the resources devoted to the management of conflicts of interest; and the methods of interaction between the company bodies and the functions of the subsidiaries, as well as the flows of information towards company bodies.
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