List of insiders

last update  11/01/2018

For the purposes of insider trading rules, the following people are considered to be insiders (relevant persons):

  • members of administrative bodies (directors): Giancarlo Fancel, Mario Massimo Lapucci, Annalisa Pescatori, Giovanni Brugnoli, Vittorio Emanuele Terzi, Anna Gervasoni,Cristina Rustignoli, Azzurra Caltagirone and Giovanni Luigi Perin.
  • members of oversight bodies (statutory auditors): Massimo Cremona, Mario Francesco Anaclerio, Flavia Minutillo.
  • those carrying out key managerial roles in the company (such as general managers or anyone carrying out an analogous role) and those managers with regular access to privileged information or who can influence the company's performance: Gian Maria Mossa, Andrea Ragaini and Marco Bernardi
  • the external auditors
  • members of administrative or oversight bodies and persons carrying out key managerial roles at Banca Generali's directly or indirectly owned subsidiaries if the book value of the stake held in the subsidiary represents more than 50% of Banca Generali's assets.
  • anyone else owning at least 10% of the company's share capital.
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