Acquisitions and divestments

last update  25/07/2019

Date: July 2019 - Acquisition of Nextam Partners S.p.A.

Details: Banca Generali announced that the acquisition of 100% of Nextam S.p.A. has been completed
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Date: December 2018 - Acquisition of Valeur Fiduciaria S.A.
Details: Banca Generali announced a binding offer - accepted by the sellers - for the acquisition of 90.1% of the Swiss company Valeur Fiduciaria S.A.
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Date: October 2018 - Acquisition of Nextam Partners S.p.A.
Details: Banca Generali announced the acquisition for the 100% of Nextam Partners S.p.A.
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Date: July 2014 - Acquisition of Credit Suisse’s Italian activities

Details: Credit Suisse Italy S.p.A and Banca Generali S.p.A. announced that they have reached an agreement for the sale to Banca Generali of the Italian affluent and upper affluent private banking operations of Credit Suisse Italy.
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Date: September 2012 – Merger of Bg sgr into Banca Generali
Details: Bg SGR merged into Banca Generali effective 1 September. Creation of an autonomous portfolio management division within Banca Generali.

Date: June 2009 – Disposal of Simgenia Sim
Details: On 17 June 2009, Banca Generali finalised the sale of 85% of Simgenia Sim SpA to other Generali Group companies.
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Date: May 2008 – Company acquired: Banca del Gottardo Italia
Details: Approval of the acquisition through Banca BSI Italia for €62 million. Finalisation of the transaction expected to take place on 1 October 2008, after obtaining the required authorisations..
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Date: July 2006 – Company acquired: Banca BSI Italia
Details: Banca BSI Italia was previously owned by BSI SA, a subsidiary of Assicurazioni Generali.
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Date: January 2006 – Company acquired: BG SGR
Details: The acquisition by Assicurazioni Generali and Generali Asset Management SGR is aimed at concentrating all of the Generali Group’s asset management activities focused on retail customers within Banca Generali.

Date: June 2005 – Company acquired: Intesa Fiduciaria Sim SpA
Details: The company was renamed BG Fiduciaria Sim, after being acquired from Banca Intesa.

Date: October 2003 – Company acquired: Business Unit of Banca Primavera SpA
Details: Banca Primavera, part of the Banca Intesa Group (now Intesa Sanpaolo), sold its network of approximately 1500 financial advisors to Banca Generali.

Date: September 2002 – Company acquired: Metzler Italia Sim SpA
Details: The company was subsequently renamed Simgenia Sim.

Date: 2001 – Company acquired: INA Sim SpA
Details: The acquisition of Altinia Sim and INA Sim from Assicurazioni Generali increased the number of financial advisors (1552) and assets under management (€2.19 billion).

Date: 2001 – Company acquired: Altinia Sim SpA
Details: See above

December 2000 – Company acquired: Prime Consult Sim SpA
Details: Acquisition of equity interest as a result of the merger of Prime S.p.A.

December 2000 – Company acquired: Prime SpA
Details: The Assicurazioni Generali unit was merged into Banca Generali.

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