last update  10/02/2020

From 1 January 2016, through the legislative decrees 180-181 of 16 November 2015, the "bail-in" mechanism (internal bailout) came into force, a new instrument for resolving banking crises and financial intermediaries. The new regulation requires that Banca d’Italia may use this instrument to deal with these situations by intervening precisely with the “bail-in”, or with the power to reduce, to potentially zero, the rights of shareholders and creditors.
Banca Generali will be present at the appointment with the strong regulatory evolution of a path centered on solidity and sustainable development that make it a point of reference in the national banking landscape. The company boasts a highly efficient business model with an extremely low risk profile, as can be seen from the analysis of asset quality, capital ratios, strategic choices and the dynamics of its investments.

Banca Generali's equity solidity indicators are well above the minimum requirements. The strength of capital ratios is an important parameter that adds to the balance of the bank's assets as shown in the following chart:


CET 1 RATIO 14.6%





Banca Generali has no financial debts, since the Bank has never recurred to loans, bonds or subordinated loans.

Generali Group
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