last update  07/12/2018
    • 10/12/2018 - Banca Generali wins Best Job and Top Career 
    • Banca Generali confirms itself among the best companies in Italy for the work quality of its employees. For the second year in a row, the German Quality and Finance Institute confirms that it has awarded quality stamps such as "Best Job" and "Top Career" to Banca Generali.

      In these two special rankings, Banca Generali achieved the highest score (100%), ranking first in the banking sector, but also as a benchmark benchmark.

      Among the aspects most appreciated by the German Quality and Finance Institute are the constant training of resources, welfare policies in favor of employees and the presence of programs aimed at favoring the career of women who represent half of the company's population.

      Conducted by the German Institute and published by La Repubblica - Affari & Finanza, the analysis "Best Job" and "Top Career" involved 900 companies, subdivided in over one hundred sectors of the economy and evaluated directly by 200 thousand of employees.

    • 06/11/2018 - 9M 2018 Results 
    • 05/11/2018 - Banca Generali Private premiata dall'Istituto Tedesco di Qualità e Finanza 
    • 22/10/2018 - Banca Generali to acquire Nextam Partners SpA 
    • Banca Generali brings ICGN 2018 works to a close 
    • Dialogue about technology in #RicetteDiInnovazione 
    • 23/04/2018 - 1Q 2018 Results 
    • Banca Generali and FAI together for the Spring Days 2018 
    • Draft Parent and Consolidated Financial Statements for 2017 approved 
    • Results at 31 December 2017 
    • “Io siamo Resilienza / I are Resilience” 
    • Federica Brignone: A Weekend of Champions 
    • 08/01/2018 - In 2017 Banca Generali recorded the best ever net inflows result 
    • The curtain's raised on the new "Banca Generali Private" brand 
    • Marco Bernardi appointed Deputy General Manager ‘Commercial Networks & Alternative and Support Channels’ 
    • Resilienza, Christian Balzano’s solo exhibition, gets underway in the offices of Banca Generali Private 
    • 12/11/2017 - Net Inflows November 2017 
    • 23/11/2017 - Banca Generali wins the Oscar for Financial Reporting 2017 
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