08/11/2018 - Banca Generali at SRI Expo 2018

last update  08/11/2018
Mossa Bocconi

Sustainability debates lights up thanks to Banca Generali. This morning, during the SRI 2018 Exhibition, Banca Generali's CEO Gian Maria Mossa presented the results of "Sustainable Finance and Millennials: what is beyond profit?", the research developed by SDA Bocconi in collaboration with Banca Generali that investigates the propensity to finance sri of the millennials generation.

Conducted on a sample of 300 students of average age 23, the research measures the implications, in economic terms, of the investment choices made by Generation Z, identifying the trends in progress in the Italian context and potential lines of development. Called to choose how to allocate their investments among different types of portfolio, each characterized by a growing ESG rating, the boys showed a strong propensity to favor products with a high Sri coefficent.

The CEO of Banca Generali, Gian Maria Mossa, said: "A new sustainable approach to investment can generate positive impacts for the community, creating value for the future.The new generations show every day that they have in mind the importance of these new messages and it is up to the private banking industry to accept the challenge to develop a new approach to investment ".

In particular, the research provides two main signals: the need to integrate and pay attention to the ESG dimension of investment products and the need for training to evaluate financial instruments that meet the different performance dimensions (financial, social, environmental) sought by potential investors.

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