11/03/2019 - Net Inflows February 2019

last update  11/03/2019
Raccolta Febbraio 19

Banca Generali's net inflows were positive at €445 million in February, thus confirming a strong year-start uptrend in terms of both volumes and product mix diversification.

Financial markets' volatility declined compared to the previous months' peak levels, thus bringing liquidity back to more natural long-term levels and fostering households’ renewed interest in asset management products, albeit with a more prudent approach and favouring more defensive investment solutions. LOB I insurance policies (€331 million in February; €400 million YTD) and the new Luxembourg-based Sicav LUX IM investment lines (€116 million in February; €166 million YTD) were highly appreciated.

Moreover, Assets under Advisory grew sharply in February to €2.8 billion assets, with an improvement of over €200 million in the month. The success of Assets under Advisory was partly attributable to the Bank's strengthened offer of AUC aimed at protecting and diversifying portfolios, such as private certificates and other primary market transactions promoted by the Bank (€104 million in February; €160 million YTD), which are increasingly in demand.

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Gian Maria Mossa stated: "February was a satisfactory month both in terms of overall volumes and net inflows quality. After the strong volatility of the final months of last year, households have started to show renewed interest in our portfolio’s diversification and protection opportunities, trusting the skills of our professionals who can count on an increasingly diversified and cutting-edge range of products. In this regard, in February I proudly presented our new instruments that bring households closer to ESG products and to the UN sustainability goals. The acceleration of net inflows in early 2019 and the many soon-to-be-launched projects in our pipeline allow us to look with great optimism to the challenges of the coming months.

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