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last update  29/08/2019

Banca Generali is on the main social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, TwitterInstagram and Youtube.

LinkedIn is the virtual place to find corporate news related to Banca Generali's results, the presence of media and press.

The official Facebook page is the hub for the storytelling of institutional events, initiatives with testimonials and to tell the values ​​that inspire Banca Generali and its parent company in 'social commitment and appreciation of art.

The YouTube channel is the container of all videos related to social initiatives and interviews with the media, to tell the Bank through the direct voice of the top management and the testimonial.

Twitter is instead the hub for media activities: events, corporate news, results and all news related to the world of Banca Generali.

From 2019, Banca Generali is finally also on Instagram. The official profile on the social network most appreciated by young people describes the Bank's commitment to sustainability with special initiatives and projects.

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