last update  12/04/2018

Banca Generali acknowledges as stakeolders all those who, in various ways, contribute to achieving the goals, influencing its activities and allowing it to compete on the market.

The stakeholders that are decisive for developing activities and for the long-term growth can be classified as follows, based on the type of interest and relationship with the company:

  • direct stakeholders: employees, financial advisors and shareholders who, for different reasons, are part of the Bank structure;
  • competitive stakeholders: customers and contractual partners who, for different reasons, have an impact on business results;
  • social and environmental stakeholders: the community, environment and financial community in which the Bank operates.

An awareness of the central role played by its stakeholders in the process of sustainable growth has led Banca Generali to engage in various forms of dialogue and discussion with the stakeholders.

Institutions, businesses, media, Ngos and other organisations, opinion leaders, professional associations, non-profit organisations and the welfare industry- Local conventions on financial education
- Press conferences
- Company points of contact dedicated to media and institutional relations
- Meetings with institutions and NGOs
- Multistakeholder meetings
- Website and mobile apps
- Social activities in favour of community

Shareholders, Investors, Analysts, Proxy advisors- General Shareholders’ Meeting
- Media news
- Meetings and interviews with analysts, investors and proxy advisors
- International roadshows
- Company points of contact dedicated to relations with financial investors
- Digital channels and social media

Suppliers, Strategic Partners- Meetings with Bank and Networks
- Working groups on common projects
- Participation in local meetings
- Media
- Events

Employees and their Families- Engagement survey (every two years)
- Individual performance evaluation interviews and joint determination of development goals
- Roundtables with unions and workers' representatives
- Portal, internal newsletters and house organ
- Annual meeting with all employees
- Events and initiatives
- Internal meetings and cascading activities
- Outdoor training meetings

Customers and their Families, Consumers- Surveys on the level of satisfaction
- Market researches
- Dialogue with consumer associations
- Communications channels devoted to customers (website, e-mail, toll-free phone number)
- Media
- Dedicated events
- Advertising campaigns
- Periodic documentation and in-depth reporting
- Social support activities
- Social media

Financial Advisors and their Families- Dedicated portal
- Dedicated conventions
- Eurisko survey on the level of satisfaction
- Website and mobile apps
- Media
- Traning
- Local events
- Social media

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