Human resources

last update  21/08/2019

The People Strategy is in line with the priorities defined by Generali Group:

  • Boost the culture
  • Nurture talent & digital mindset
  • Live the organization

At the end of 2018, Banca Generali had 868 employees, 437 of which were women.97% of banking group employees are employed in Italy. The remaining 3% isemployed in Luxembourg.




The Banca Generali’s distribution network consists of two divisions corresponding to three types of collaborators:
Financial Planners (FPs), who interact with Affluent customers;
Private Bankers (PBs) and Relationship Managers (RMs) (406 PBs collaborating with the company as freelance professionals and 64 RMs who are employees) part of the Private Banking Division, specialised in interacting with private-banking customers.

Generali Group
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