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PR: The General Shareholders’ Meeting approved the 2013 financial statements and a dividend per share of €0.95 (+5,6%).
The Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings of Banca Generali were held today, chaired by Paolo Vagnone.
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Ordinary and extraordinary shareholders' meeting

Shareholders' Meeting(AGM) of Banca Generali was held on 23rd April 2014...              
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To assure the transmission of official information, Banca Generali SpA has chosen to take advantage of the circuit SDIR-NIS, run by BIt Market Services, a subsidiary of London Stock Exchange, established in Piazza Affairs no. 6, Milan.

Approval of the 2013 company’s draft results

Banca Generali presented its resultes to the conference call that it has taken place 10, March 2014 at  3 pm CET.
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