BG Solution

last update  12/08/2016

BG Solution is the new multi-line asset management product designed exclusively for Banca Generali customers.

BG Solution enables you to diversify your portfolio to create a single solution that combines all of your investment needs. It provides you with access to multiple management lines focusing on different strategic themes, each under the care of a specialised asset management team. Banca Generali’s financial advisors will provide you with the expert support you need to identify your own personalised investment solution.



The advantages include: 

  • Flexibility
    BG Solution allows you to personalise your portfolio by combining lines focusing on various strategies and management styles.
  • Balance
    BG Solution lets you optimise management of your financial assets, including through services that can be activated and modified at any time.
  • Control
    BG Solution offers you a broad spectrum of exclusive solutions and services encompassed in a single management contract. 



To learn more visit the mini-site dedicated to BG Solution:


The investment entails mainly financial risks attributable to possible fluctuations in the value of assets under management, which is tied to changes in the financial instruments in which the selected management line invests. For example, fluctuations may depend on market trends and the nature of the underlying financial instruments. The investor may, at the time of divestment, receive less capital than the amount originally invested; the greater the risk level of the product selected the higher this possibility.

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