last update  03/01/2018

The client's needs are the core of Banca Generali Group’s approach to the offering of financial and retirement services. In order to pursue this objective, the Group has developed a strategy based on networks of Banca Generali Private (Financial Planners, Private Banking, Wealth Management) of highly qualified advisors capable of meeting the needs of all investors. The Banca Generali Private FA provide all clients with access to personalised financial instruments, moving beyond an undifferentiated approach to the market in order to reap the full benefits of custom-tailored solutions.

The Banca Generali Group's growth prospects are founded on precise guidelines:

  • striving for excellent results for clients even in difficult market conditions by containing risks and volatility;
  • constant development of its open-architecture business model;
  • development and consolidation of its advisors’ skill sets, through both intense efforts to disseminate information and provide training, and access to the best analysis and advisory tools;
  • a strong focus on technological developments in order to ensure that its advisory services keep up with the times;
  • the constant pursuit of sustainable development.

Banca Generali also pursues external growth by recruiting top professionals from other financial advisor networks and the banking industry, who are drawn by the particular characteristics of the Banca Generali model.

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