Assicurazioni Generali

last update  09/02/2018


As Banca Generali’s largest investor, Assicurazioni Generali is much more than a shareholder: it was the architect of the Bank’s development plan, and since 2000 it has shared the strategic vision that has allowed Banca Generali to establish itself as market leader.

Founded in Trieste in 1831, Assicurazioni Generali is Italy’s foremost insurance company, as well as one of the largest players in the industry at the international level, now present in 68 countries. Gabriele Galateri di Genola is Chairman of Assicurazioni Generali. The position of Group CEO has been filled by Philippe Donnet.

Through Banca Generali, the Generali Group can offer its customers in Italy advice concerning financial investments and a full range of financial services. The Generali brand provides a uniting symbol, promising customers soundness and reliability.



Assicurazioni Generali
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