Banca Generali

last update  09/08/2017

Created at the beginning of 2000s in response to the Generali Group’s need to concentrate all of its asset management activities and services in a single hub, Banca Generali is now amongst Italy’s most reliable companies in the personal financial services market, with 52.1 billion euro managed on behalf of its clients (Assoreti data: 30.06.2017).

Banca Generali provides its clients with:

  • a network of over 1,890 Financial Planners and Private Bankers;
  • a telephone contact centre and an online platform that provide secure account access from anywhere and at any time;
  • 45 branches spread throughout Italy and 143 Financial Advisor offices.

In accordance with applicable legislation, Banca Generali approved its Organisational and management Model on 19 June 2006:


2016 June (last updated)

Organisational and management model - BG

Banca Generali

Banca Generali
Registered office: Via Machiavelli, 4 - 34132 Trieste
Offices: Via Ugo Bassi, 6 - 20159 Milan - Tel. +39 02 6076 5411
Offices: Corso Cavour, 5/A - 34132 Trieste - Tel. +39 040 7777 111

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