The Trust Company

last update  02/01/2018

The full range of wealth management services offered by the Banca Generali Group is complemented by the expertise of its subsidiary trust company: Generfid SpA.

Generfid SpA
Generfid SpA provides what under Italian law are known as “static fiduciary services.” Founded as S. Alessandro Fiduciaria, Generfid SpA took on its current name in 2010. The company administers the following types of assets and properties, both in its own name and on behalf of its customers: trusteeship for securities portfolios (funds, securities and management), insurance policies and equity interests, establishment of trusts and the transfer of real property through equity interests.

On 28 October 2010, Generfid adopted the following organisational and management model:

Organisational and Management Model (820 Kb)

Sant'Alessandro Fiduciaria

Registered office: Piazza S. Alessandro, 4 - 20122 Milan
Operational office: Via Ugo Bassi, 6 - 20159 Milan

Generali Group
Numero Verde 800-155155