Equal Opportunities

last update  22/01/2018

Banca Generali strives to valorise people, recognising how differences can contribute to the organisation. The Code of Conduct of the Generali Group and the corresponding document adopted within Banca Generali confirm the attention and commitment towards collaborators – who are considered the strategic capital on which the Group bases its success — respect for human dignity, freedom and equality, and equal opportunities in the workplace and on career paths, without any kind of discrimination due to nationality, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion, political convictions, age, sexual orientation, disabilities or health conditions.

At the end of 2016, Banca Generali's female employees accounted for the majority of its headcount in absolute terms (50.6%).


With regard to equal opportunities for the differently abled, national regulations safeguarding this category are respected and implemented. In particular, at the Trieste production unit of the parent company, Banca Generali, a convention has been established with the responsible public agency for the specific recruitment of differently abled employees in order to create the conditions for a better and more proactive work position respecting the problems of the people involved.

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