last update  10/08/2016

Banca Generali adopts a training architecture focused on strengthening roles from a technical and managerial point of view and providing the conceptual tools and knowledge necessary to support bank development which in recent years has experienced a significant acceleration.

In particular, Banca Generali helps the most-deserving individuals grow through training courses consisting of various modules held at Libera Universitą Carlo Cattaneo (LIUC) of Castellanza. The company also develops courses expressly designed for the specific needs of its lending business, trading, portfolio management and further exploration of the legislative aspects that shape these subjects.

Owing in part to the clear international direction taken by the Generali Group, the Bank devotes particular attention to language training, for which it relies upon qualified training schools, especially for financial, banking and legal English courses.

Also training on mandatory regulations continued to be provided in compliance with legal requirements and according to the specific attention paid by the bank to the various topics. Specifically, classroom training is constantly provided on Business Continuity Plan, Anti Money Laundering, Enhanced Supervision, Banking Transparency and Privacy.

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