Company Regulations

last update  30/07/2019
    • Diversity Policy for Members of the Company Bodies 
    • Banca Generali recognises and reaps the benefits of Diversity at the level of the Group, its Boards and its management, in all respects, including gender, age, qualification, competencies, training and professional background. Accordingly, Banca Generali has adopted a Diversity Policy for Members of the Company Bodies with the aim of concretely implementing the values of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). To Banca Generali, ‘Diversity’ means understanding, recognising and making the most of differences; ‘Inclusion’ means being committed to attracting and developing talent, giving value to all aspects of diversity, encouraging all those who are a part of the Group to realise their fullest potential.

      This Policy has been applied to the Banking Group effective 5 March 2018.

    • Internal Code of Conduct 
    • Code on the protection and disclosure of inside information 
    • Insider Trading Policy 
    • Organizational and management model 
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