Materiality analysis and matrix

last update  17/04/2019

Excellence in the wealth advisory market cannot ignore the focus on value creation for all those participating in and interacting with that market: shareholders, financial advisors, employees, customers, suppliers — with whom the Bank has daily contact.

The materiality matrix, in line with the Generali Group’s guidance, identifies a number of significant themes that are pursued with concrete actions, for sustainable growth that does not lose sight of the social function that every responsible enterprise must have.

1) Creation of employment and responsible management of company restructuring

The issue of employment, together with economic instability, has a major impact on the manner in which company reorganisations are managed.

2) Attraction of talent and development of human capital

In an increasingly competitive and selective market, it is crucial to be able to rely on expert and motivated resources who are capable of meeting the challenges of the sector.

3) Engagement of employees and promotion of a shared culture

Boosting employee motivation and commitment to achieve objectives is important in order to maintain a common and shared corporate vision.

4) Human rights, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

The highest international standards require the utmost respect for diversity, in its various meanings, non-discrimination and equal opportunities.

5) Fair remuneration and incentives

A remuneration system based on internal equity, competitiveness, cohesion and meritocracy, by directly linking commitment and recognition of merit, allows long-term value creation at all levels of the organization.

6) Transparency in business management

In a context where it is increasingly easy to access information and the rate of dissemination is ever faster, transparency in conducting business is an essential condition for building long-term relationships of trust.

7) Prevention of corruption

In a trust-based sector such as finance, the promotion of business ethics and the prevention of corruption play a fundamental role in protecting a company's reputation and credibility, business efficiency and fair competition.

8) Responsible personal data management (data security)

The quantity and quality of personal data available today require diligent and professional management to ensure data confidentiality.

17) Greater regulatory complexity

At Italian and European level, increasingly stringent regulatory obligations, affecting various areas of interest, are being introduced.

15) Dealings with business partners

In a context where customers use multiple channels to proactively gather information and often prefer a direct interaction with their financial advisor, relationships with business partners are key to service delivery.

12) Engagement and development of communities

The development of the communities in which we operate is related to the business, but also to the activities and exchanges that take place with enterprises, associations and other organizations located in the area.

9) Quality of customer experience

An essential feature of the relationship with the customer is the ability to offer a unique and distinctive experience, maintaining and strengthening the trust on which the key moments of the relationship are based.

10) Long-term protection of customers' household wealth

The relationship that our financial advisors establish with their customers must allow them to offer investment solutions that preserve the value of household wealth over time and provide for generational transfer with products/-services able to seize market opportunities without suffering market volatility excessively.

11) Financial education

The growing production of regulations, the distinctive nature of insurance and financial products and the uncertainty of market dynamics require training/reporting schemes to be disseminated to raise customer awareness.

13) Development of products and services

Customer needs and requests are constantly changing and evolving in response to the possibilities offered by technology.

15) Business innovation for the digital customer

The internet and mobile technology continue to spread and consumer attitudes are changing.

16) Responsible investments (ESG investing)

The environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) dimension of investments is becoming increasingly important for future sustainable development.

18) Climate change and natural disasters

Climate change is already taking place and natural disasters are on the rise, representing a serious threat to the world economic development. In this scenario, climate risk mitigation and compliance strategies are key factors in boosting the resilience of communities at global level.

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