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last update  28/07/2017

Banca Generali aims to be an innovative company capable of adapting rapidly to changes in the market and communicating in a timely, clear manner new solutions and services aimed at meeting the needs of its customers and investors generally, drawing its inspiration from the principles of Banca Generali Internal Code of Conduct.

  • Propriety in company behaviour: the Group conducts its business in accordance with the law, internal regulations and professional ethics, which are binding upon its employees, Financial Planners and Private Bankers throughout Italy.
  • Corporate social responsibility: the Group wishes to contribute concretely to economic and social development based on respect for fundamental human rights and labour and environmental protection, while promoting the culture of sustainability in all of its spheres of influence, especially in its dealings with its Personnel, Customers and Suppliers.
  • Personal data and privacy: personal data are processed properly in a manner respectful of privacy rights, while ensuring they are inaccessible to third parties, except for justified company reasons or in the presence of a specific external mandate.
  • Conflict of interest: the Group has adopted a specific internal policy to avoid any conflicts of interest and, where it is not possible to do so, to manage them in such a way as not to result in harm to the Group or its customers.
  • Free competition and Antitrust: the Group recognises free competition as the fundamental factor for the development of company business and results.
  • Financial disclosures: the Group has always focused on providing comprehensive and accurate financial disclosures, as well as information on its services, so that customers can make informed decisions.
  • Fight against corruption and bribery: the Group condemns and fights against all form of corruption and bribery.
  • Money laundering: the Group is committed to the international struggle against money laundering and financing for terrorism, combating all behaviour that may be construed as support for these criminal phenomena.

In the respect of the general principles laid out above, in 2013 the innovation offered by the products and services of Banca Generali Group showed a particular focus on the following issues.

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