Policy for the Environment and Climate

last update  20/04/2018

"Banca Generali, in line with the policies of the Generali Group and in accordance with its own Charter of Sustainability Commitments, intends to take an active role in creating a sustainable future by pursuing an economic development goal that produces a continual improvement in its business results and, at the same time, in the economic, social and environmental conditions of the communities in which it operates. Banca Generali’s Internal Code of Conduct states explicitly that economic and social development should be based not only on respect for fundamental human and labour rights but also on environmental protection to which the Group contributes by fostering a reduction of the direct environmental impacts of its operational activities and the indirect impacts associated with its value chain. Banca Generali is aware of the impact that its business operations have and the role that it can play in disseminating virtuous behaviour and promoting a sustainability culture within its own spheres of influence, in particular, amongst employees, customers, suppliers and issuers of financial instruments, as well as the Shareholders and all the stakeholders involved in various capacities. Banca Generali is also aware that climate change represents an environmental, social and economic threat at global level and that a commitment is required on everyone’s part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities.

This Policy for the Environment and Climate, approved by the Board of Directors of Banca Generali S.p.A., is adopted by all the Banking Group’s Companies."

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