Equal opportunity

last update  21/08/2018

Banca Generali bases its success on the enhancement of human resources, attention and commitment towards collaborators, respect for human dignity, freedom and equality, and equal opportunity in the workplace and on career paths, without any kind of discrimination.

In the light of these key principles, the guarantee of equal treatment between men and women and the protection of differently abled and foreign-national employees in the selection process, training, career advancement and remuneration are accompanied by the ambition to build a culture that values diversity of thought, considered to be an essential resource for company development and growth.


In addition to respect the diversity of the company’s workforce, total equality between male and female employees, particularly at top management level, is also preserved and promoted. Banca Generali guarantees equal treatment for men and women, both during the selection processes and in terms of remuneration.


Dedicated to personnel returning after a long absence, Banca Generali providesa number of ad-hoc benefits aimed primarily at women who have taken maternity leave. In particular, new mothers employed by the company have the right to change their full-time contract to part-time (for an overall period that cannot extend beyond the child's seventh birthday).
In addition, the Banca Generali Group has entered into agreements with four day-care facilities (two in Trieste and two in Milan) to help mothers return to work, providing discounted rates for employees, as well as payment of annual subscription fees.

Banca Generali is also committed to the payment of full salary, supplementing the benefits paid by Italian national security institute (INPS), in the event of early maternity leave prescribed by the competent public authorities.

With regard to equal opportunities for the differently abled, national regulations safeguarding this category are respected and implemented.

In general terms, the buildings housing the Group companies are checked constantly to ensure that they are brought up to standard in order to meet requirements on architectural rules and workstations.

The main workplaces have parking facilities in the immediate vicinity reserved for the differently abled. Two parking spaces have been set aside for employees with considerably reduced motor capacity within the internal courtyard of Banca Generali’s Trieste offices

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