Industrial and Trade Unions relations

last update  04/04/2018

Banca Generali always observes trade union rights and the freedom of association, with regard to corporate and local unions and the rights of individual employees.

97.4% of employees are subject to social and national legislation, and the provisions of the National Collective Labour Agreement (Credit Managers).

With regard to trade union activities, a particular mention should be given to the national collective agreement “CCNL Credito”, which provides for a series of annual or six-monthly trade union meetings, during which the company can meet with the union representatives to discuss the following aspects:

  • strategic prospects (economic and business performance, key balance sheet data, new markets and products);
  • aspects (data on total workforce and the principal occupational/operational dynamics);
  • quality of human resources (data/information about performance appraisals, rewards and training).

There are no cases of forced, compulsory or otherwise irregular labour within the Banca Generali Group. All employees are free to terminate their employment contracts provided that they observe the notice period established by the contract.

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