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34132 - Trieste.
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Toll-free number (from Italy only)
800 155 155



Sustainability report

The Board of Directors approved the 2018 Integrated Report, which includes the Sustainability Report.

The graphics and contents were revamped with a view to making the Report more effective and comprehensive.

Banca Generali’s focus on a sustainable growth strategy for all the various stakeholders is shown by a Global Added Value (GAV) of €729.5 million in 2018.

People quality is at the core of the Bank’s growth process. 93.8% of the company’s personnel has an indefinite-term contract and 21 thousand hours of training were delivered in the year, testifying to the company’s commitment to education.

Personnel is evenly split between women and men (50% each), a percentage that remained unaltered with the further hirings made in 2018.


ISS - Institutional Shareholder Services Inc.

Banca Generali was positively evaluated by ISS - Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. - on ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance issues - receiving “1” as Governance Score on a scale where 1 is the lowest risk level, 10 is the highest level high and receiving "2" as an Environment Score on a scale where 1 is the highest level of disclosure and 10 the lowest level of disclosure.


Letter to Stakeholders

Our growth is centred on economic, environmental and social sustainability, to protect and safeguard the wealth of households and of all of our stakeholders over time.

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Charter of Sustainability Commitments

Our objective is to protect and improve the lives of people and businesses by correctly managing their assets and savings, and this is what we do every day.

We support a system where all can progress and thrive, with the aim of creating long-lasting value. Read more

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