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Corporate structure

Corporate structure

We chose a lean corporate structure that allows us to respond to all customer needs with effectiveness and professionalism.

Our companies

We are a private bank listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2006 (which became part of the FTSE-MIB index from March 20th, 2017)  and 50.1% of its share capital is controlled by Assicurazioni Generali SpA. Banca Generali controls: BG Fund Management Luxembourg SA, Generfid S.p.A. and BG Valeur SA, that are part of banking group.

The offer in the strategic activities is completed by the joint venture with BG Saxo SIM S.p.A., the society dedicated to the trading online in synergy with the Danish Saxo Bank,

Banca Generali

Created at the beginning of 2000s in response to the Generali Group’s need to concentrate all of its asset management activities and services in a single hub, Banca Generali is now amongst Italy’s most reliable companies in the private banking and wealth management market, with 66.1 billion euro managed on behalf of its clients (Internal data - results 30.09.2019).

In accordance with applicable legislation, Banca Generali SpA approved its Organisational and management Model on 19 June 2006.

BG Fund Management Luxembourg

BG Fund Management Luxembourg S.A. is the Luxembourg-based Generali Group's asset management product factory in Europe. Created in 2014 through the split of Generali Fund Management, BG Fund Management Luxembourg is 100% owned by Banca Generali.

Generfid SpA

Generfid SpA provides what under Italian law are known as “static fiduciary services.” Founded as S. Alessandro Fiduciaria, Generfid SpA took on its current name in 2010. The company administers the following types of assets and properties, both in its own name and on behalf of its customers: trusteeship for securities portfolios (funds, securities and management), insurance policies and equity interests, establishment of trusts and the transfer of real property through equity interests.

On 28 October 2010, Generfid adopted the following organisational and management model.

BG Valeur

The offer of Banca Generali also grows in Switzerland. From October 2019, BG Valeur, the Wealth Management company founded in 2009, specialized in wealth management for Swiss customers, also joined the Group.

BG Saxo

The partnership between Banca Generali and the Danish online trading giant Saxo Bank has created BG Saxo, the company that makes available to Italian traders the best platform in Europe.

Our main headquarters are in Milan, Trieste and Luxembourg.