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The appreciation of differences, our inclusion polices and the equal opportunities recognised in our growth and development processes are part of the principles on which the Diversity & Inclusion Policy that we promote within the Bank is based.

Working at Banca Generali means embarking upon a process of constant growth at both a human and professional level. Our employees participate in merit-oriented programmes aimed at building knowledge and skills through training sessions and project-management activities.

The programmes are in addition to advanced training initiatives (e.g., advanced courses with prestigious academic institutions and coaching programmes), national and international mobility and cultural, sport and experiential events organised by the Bank, aimed at motivating and retaining the most talented professionals.

We offer market-benchmarked remuneration complemented by additional benefits and incentivisation systems aimed at improving the quality of life of those who work at the Group and rewarding performance, as well as achieving specific objectives on the basis of merit.

Specific training programmes are organised for new recruits in order to both help them become integrated within the Company and gain a better awareness of its business.

Employee Policies



In close connection with the guidelines and methods of the Generali Group, we adopt policies that make human resources the focus of corporate activities.

Personnel are hired with regular work contracts, as no form of illegal work, exploitation, or forced or child labour is tolerated. Collaborators receive clear and specific information on regulatory and remunerative aspects when they are hired and during their employment.

The European Social Charter of the Generali Group, also adopted by Banca Generali, stresses recognition of the fundamental rights of workers, establishing the aims of developing issues related to the protection of human resources and of those representing Group employees.

Furthermore, in keeping with banking practices and the Self-Regulatory Code promoted by ABI (Italian Banking Association), we have adopted an Internal Code of Conduct. This document states that relations among colleagues and collaborators must always respect the principles of loyalty, fairness and solidarity.

Equal Opportunities


Diversity & Inclusion are two key elements of our company culture and strategy. For Banca Generali, 'diversity' means understanding, recognising and celebrating each person’s differences and individuality; 'inclusion' means being committed to attracting and developing the talent that everyone has to offer, promoting an inclusive environment and encouraging the development of a Group culture and identity.

In an increasingly complex, globalised and interconnected world, managing diversity within a company is crucial to the company's success.

In support of the development of a culture of diversity and inclusion, training programmes and company policies have been designed to promote these issues and encourage an inclusive culture that supports individuals in realising their potential, through their experience and cultural strength, regardless of the aspects in which their diversity is expressed.

With regard to equal opportunities for the differently abled, national regulations safeguarding this category are respected and implemented. Since 2018, there has been an increased participation also in Diversity Days: events organised by a number of universities in collaboration with companies specialised in the diversity sector to bring together the world of work and the differently abled.

At the end of 2019, Banca Generali’s female employees was 49% of total


Training plays an increasingly fundamental role in support of management and the entire company population: by creating development programmes for managerial, technical and professional skills, a concerted effort is made to spread and increase specialist knowledge, establish a single management model founded on core values, strengthen the culture of innovation and allow all Group employees to play their roles as well as possible.

In particular, we value talents through training courses at specialized universities. The Company also develops courses expressly designed for the specific needs of its lending business, trading, portfolio management and further exploration of the legislative aspects that shape these subjects.

The emphasis on internationalisation, the expansion of the products offered to clients and an outstanding advisory service require management behaviour that may be expressed daily through shared, established values, a high level of technical acumen and specialist expertise with the objective of ensuring an ongoing high-quality service.

In 2019 the entire Banca Generali Group population enjoyed access to a dedicated training and development catalogue, “Development Linked to Performance” based on the organisation’s strategic needs. The catalogue encapsulates most of the training activities available during the year: 

  • Managerial/behaviour training: to support people in the major strategic changes and build a unique managerial style/approach;
  • Technical business and Technical non-business: to continue to ensure a widespread technical leadership within the Organization and competitive on the market;
  • Legal and Safety training: to make the Bank sustainable in the long-term and protect its employees and the Organization.

As already emphasised, the Banca Generali Group’s employees were involved in many other activities in 2019, in view not only of skill development, but also of engagement, fostering a positive working environment, creating more fellowship within teams, facilitating relationships of trust within the organisation and stimulating greater motivation amongst employees.

Proedure for Evaluating Human Resources

The solidity of a company’s success is based on constant development of the people that comprise it. The Banca Generali Group has a long track record of performance management, which has always been a key element of the relationship of trust between staff and their managers.

In 2019 the process was revised and revamped from the standpoint of logic, approach and tools, drawing inspiration from the steps taken by the Generali Group. The new Group Performance Management (GPM) process was therefore introduced, increasingly oriented towards setting individual goals, developing competencies and ensuring constant feedback.

GPM seeks to involve and motivate all Banca Generali Group employees to achieve important objectives, promoting constant professional development and a culture of excellent performance. Through this process the Banca Generali Group formulates, obtains and returns feedback on each employee’s contribution in terms of results and behaviour. The initiative also seeks to ensure that all employees receive structured feedback on their performances and are able to formulate individual professional development plans through transparent, open dialogue. The new process is supported by a user-friendly IT platform that is made available to both employees and managers.

Hours of Training provided from 2017

21.451 h
39.182 h
48.255 h

In 2019, average hours of training per year per employee amounted to 54, making again an improvement compared to the 2018 figures (45 average hours of training per year per employee).

Smart Working

In 2019, the growing focus on the topics of work-life balance continued through the extension of smart working (following on the pilot phase launched in 2018) to the Trieste office to cover 51% of the eligible population, as well as laying the foundation for a paradigm shift in welfare.

In addition, thanks to the process innovations managed during the year, primarily focused on digitalisation and dematerialisation, the number of activities that may be managed remotely increased significantly. As a result, the possibility of working from home was also expanded to other colleagues: in 2019, smart-workers increased by 185, bringing the total number at the end of 2019 to 265 employees (54% of whom women) at the Milan and Trieste offices.

This method of remote collaboration was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the entire company population involved in the project: in fact, the average overall participation rate in 2019 was 51% of possible participants, who performed 4,715 days of smart working, 58% of which was worked by women. The majority of days was worked by personnel in the 30-to-50 age bracket.

It should also be noted that, under the union agreements signed in 2019, in early 2020 testing will be extended to approximately 180 additional employees, also including, besides the above-mentioned cities, the Rome office.

The project to introduce and spread smart working is strategic to Banca Generali, with an impact at both the level of tools and technologies and of the approach to flexible work and the collective mindset (amongst managers and personnel). Accordingly, the KPIs monitored as part of Sustainability: People Workshop Project include the number of smart working days allowed each month for the population involved. The target established for 2019 was 1 day per week. Said target was achieved already in 2018 and further extended in 2019 to a higher number of employees, as illustrated above.

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