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Working alongside the Italian school and academic system to accompany today's young people into tomorrow's world.

Understanding the trends that will characterize the society of the future, interpreting them together with today's youth in order to respond to their expectations for tomorrow.  This is the reason that drives us to partner with the Italian academic world in numerous projects and initiatives dedicated to young people.

Our goal is to help youth to become citizens capable of taking an active role in today's context, to understand it in order to choose and decide the direction to take in the present for their own future.

Even in recent years, despite the limitations generated by the pandemic for the events in presence, we have given continuity to partnerships with the most prestigious Italian universities with initiatives aimed at offering opportunities for discussion and exchange, especially in favor of future new generations. In particular, the universities involved were:

  • MIP-Politecnico di Milano;
  • CeTif - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore;
  • Osservatorio sulla Governance delle pmi - SDA Bocconi;
  • Osservatorio sul Private Banking - LIUC Università Cattaneo;
  • Osservatorio OFire - Università Bicocca di Milano;

The "O-Fire" Observatory with Bicocca University to look at sustainability

The "O-Fire" Observatory was born thanks to the partnership with the Bicocca University of Milan and AIFI, the Italian Association of Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt, with the need to create a scientific centre of reference for the development and strengthening of university research in the field of green finance, sustainable and responsible investments (Sri) and activities based on ESG factors (Environmental, social, governance).

In addition to outlining the characteristics and main trends, also in correlation with the European market, the Observatory will analyse their ability to finance environmental, social and governance activities, creating long-term value for investors.

"O-Fire" will also examine the current and potential contribution of sustainable investments to the achievement of climate and energy goals set at national and supranational level.

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The Private Banking Observatory with LIUC - Cattaneo University

In 2014, together with LIUC - Università Cattaneo, we founded the first permanent Observatory on Private Banking in Italy with the aim of monitoring the sector and investigating important issues by offering an accurate snapshot of the private savings market.

As part of the Observatory, together with LIUC we have also created a proprietary index capable of determining the overall market trend and performance, constituting a valid and immediate analysis tool, a point of reference for the entire sector.

As part of these activities, the Observatory focuses its attention each year on individual issues such as the evolution of the bank's service and business model, international comparisons with other systems, the relationship between bank and entrepreneur and the criticality of the generational changeover.

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University of Bologna: a master's degree to become a financial advisor

Starting in 2021, together with Bologna Business School, the international business school created by the University of Bologna, we have launched the Master in Wealth Management.

The course is dedicated to young graduates who want to enter the profession of Financial Advisor and aims to provide the specialist knowledge required for registration.

The content covered in the course will prepare students for the EFPA (European Financial Planning Association) certification exam, which represents an unprecedented opportunity in Italy for those wishing to enter the banking sector.

In the 2020 edition of "The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings", the University ranked first in Europe for its commitment to sustainable development, with reference to projects dedicated to social innovation and environmental responsibility.

Observatory on SME Governance - SDA Bocconi

Our commitment to supporting Italy's economic fabric is combined with academic collaboration with SDA Bocconi.

In this way we have created the first Observatory in Italy dedicated to the dissemination of best practices in governance for small and medium-sized enterprises in our country.

An ESG factor, that of governance, which is finding more and more space also among the interests of many investors.

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MIP - Politecnico di Milano: the Fintech&Insurtech Observatory and the Investment Challenge

Starting in 2019, we are alongside MIP - Politecnico di Milano to analyse trends related to the digital development of the financial industry through the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory.

The Observatory represents a constant point of reference for innovation within the Italian financial and insurance ecosystem and aims to better govern the changes taking place with the creation of culture.

The research focuses on different topics, such as the level of digitalization of Italian banks and insurance companies, the knowledge and needs of Italian consumers on Fintech and Insurtech issues, the use of digital financial services by Italian SMEs, the opportunities related to Blockchain technology in finance & insurance, Digital Wealth Management and Robo Advisor.

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Sustainable Investment Challenge: the crucial role of ESG investments

In order to offer innovative opportunities for knowledge and growth to young people, in 2020 and 2021 we organised two Investment Challenges, the last of which focused on sustainability, in collaboration with Reply and the MIP-Politecnico di Milano, with the aim of bringing young people closer to the world of sustainable investments.

More than 16,000 students from universities in 90 countries around the world took part in the initiative to develop the best asset management strategies in light of ESG factors.

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CeTIF - Università Cattolica

Banca Generali is working alongside the Università Cattolica as part of CeTIF - Research Centre for Technology, Innovation and Financial Services in researching digital trends in the financial world.

During the last digital event "The evolution of Wealth Management: between Digital and Open Innovation", we shared the research carried out in the field of Digital Wealth Management and Open Banking strategies in the market through a report, the WealthTech Global View, and an index, the WealthTech Italian Index.

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Percorsi di Innovazione

"Percorsi di Innovazione' is the title of our series of meetings dedicated to innovation through debate with the world of universities and companies.

Among the protagonists at the centre of the appointments is CEO Gian Maria Mossa together with other leading figures from the world of Italian entrepreneurship such as:

  • Riccardo Zacconi, Founder of King;
  • Alessandro Garrone, Executive Deputy Chairman of ERG;
  • Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X;
  • Federico Garcea, Founder and CEO of Treedom.

Some of Italy's leading universities, such as the University of Genoa, LIUC and the Politecnico di Milano, were involved in the meetings that have already been concluded, giving students the opportunity to actively participate in the discussion through questions and discussions.

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