Sustainable offerings

We promote sustainable investments and support our customers in building portfolios that take account of their personal sensibilities to ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues.

The three pillars of ESG

Environment, society and governance: these three pillars are the source of the acronym “ESG” (environmental, social and governance), which encompasses three different approaches to sustainable investments.

The first pillar — the environment — refers to themes relating to reducing pollution and rationalising waste. The second — society — relates to gender policies, human rights, labour standards and relationships between productive enterprise and the community in which it operates. The third — governance — has to do with sound governance practices for companies and virtuous behaviour by businesses in the area of legal compliance and business ethics.

In pursuit of these goals, we promote sustainable investments and stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers in building portfolios that take account of their differing sensibilities to ESG issues, according to an approach based on the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.

Drawing on the contribution made by MainStreet Partners — a London investment firm that specialises in sustainable investments with a social and environmental impact — we have implemented our proprietary platform for building portfolios according to a quantitative approach that measures contributions to ESG issues and thus adds a new dimension of value to investment.

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