Attending the AGM

Banca Generali encourages the widest possible participation of investors at its shareholder meetings. All directors usually attend the meetings. In particular, the board reports on its past and planned activities and strives to make sure all shareholders are provided with adequate information on all pertinent matters so they can make informed decisions in respect of the agenda items.

The shareholders' meeting of 3 October 2006 approved a set of rules (last amended with resolution of the Board of Directors on 20 April 2011) laying out the procedures to be followed in order to ensure orderly proceedings.

These rules regulate the proceedings of ordinary and extraordinary shareholder meetings and ensure their proper and orderly functioning. In particular, they guarantee the right of each shareholder to take part and express an opinion on the items under debate. The rules, therefore, constitute a valid tool for ensuring the protection of the rights of all the company's shareholders and the proper approval of shareholder resolutions.

AGM 2021 Live Streaming

For the Shareholders' Meeting of 22th April 2021, Banca Generali will offer the opportunity to follow the Meeting’s proceedings in video live streaming.

In this way an increasingly larger audience of shareholders will be able to easily witness this important moment of corporate communication.

The live streaming will begin at 9:30 am on 22th April 2021.

Advance registration will be required to access the live stream: limited identificatory data will be requested.

It is kindly recommended to register with the procedure available soon through the button "ACCESS TO STREAMING".

Proxy voting

Additions to the agenda and presentation of new proposed resolutions

Right to ask questions prior to the shareholders' meeting

Q&A Shareholders' Meeting 2021

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