In brief

We are the private bank that supports clients in the care and protection of assets with innovative and sustainable solutions, through a network of financial advisors.

A Bank built around the value of its people

We are a Private Bank built around the value of our people, to enhance their skills and the relationship of trust towards customers.

We take care of their life projects and specialize in protecting the entire family heritage.

We have a long-term strategy focused on sustainable development capable of creating value for all the interlocutors who gravitate around the Bank.

In a few years we have reached the top of the financial sector, becoming the sixth largest bank in the market for capitalization and one of the most recognized companies in the sector in Italy, also appreciated abroad.

You created it, together we protect it

We are a private bank that aims to take care of family's assets through a network of financial advisors at the top of the market for competence and experience. We want to pursue a sustainable growth in order to create value for our stakeholders thanks to innovative services.

Our sustainable approach

We promote the culture of sustainability by bringing families closer to the objectives of the United Nations 2030 agenda with a unique investment proposal on the market.
Our numbers (results at 31.12.2020)
€ 74.5 bn
€ 274.9 M
Net Profit
CET1 ratio
Total Capital Ratio

Banca Generali in brief

We want to be trusted people at the side of customers to help them take care of their life plans. For this reason, we have developed an innovation hub that allows us to offer the most complete advisory on the market. Banca Generali's customers can today rely on:

  • More than 2,000 private bankers and a team of 868 employees, 50% of which are women
  • A range of over 5,200 of the top financial instruments and over 50 of the most prestigious international management companies, available exclusively to Banca Generali clients;
  • A deep-rooted presence thoughout Italy thanks to its 46 branches and 138 offices in Italy;
  • € 68.9 bn of assets under management, € 5.1 bn of which under advanced advisory (as of June, 30th 2020).
  • BG Fund Management Luxembourg, the Luxembourg company responsible for developing and managing top asset management products;
  • A trust company: Generfid SpA;
  • A presence on the Swiss market thanks to subsidiary BG Valeur;
  • An advanced online trading platform with BG Saxo, the company born from the partnership with the Danish giant Saxo Bank.

Our commitment to the community

Spurred by an awareness of our role in the communities in which we operate, each day we pursue cultural initiatives at local level.

Through our network of private bankers and wealth advisors, in 2019 we carried out projects dedicated to art, financial literacy, solidarity and synergy between investing and the real economy. In particular, our commitment takes the form of:


- approximately 200 local events devoted to exploring the big questions of investing and the economy;

- 20 evenings focussed on the arts through the project Valore Cultura by Generali Italia;

- open days at our office at Piazza S. Alessandro 4 in Milan during the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) Spring Days event;

- a roadshow devoted to financial literacy for Italian elementary school children held in partnership with FEduF.


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We want to be the first private bank by value of service, innovation and sustainability: We want to be trusted professionals, constantly by your side to build and help you reach your life goals.