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We support in the forefront the world of art and culture for the restart of Italy

At the forefront to support the world of art and culture in the restart after a year of closure caused by the pandemic.

It is precisely starting from Monday 13 September 2021, in conjunction with the start of Milano ArtWeek 2021, that we will restart with the BG Art Talent project and with the public display of two new works of art created by two young Italian artists most appreciated contemporaries at international level: Rosa Barba and Lara Favaretto.

The two works, selected by Vincenzo De Bellis (Associate Director of the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, USA), will become part of the Banca Generali collection as part of the BG Art Talent project and will be exhibited in our BG Training & Innovation Hub in Via Achille Mauri/Angolo Via Fieno in Milan.


BG Art Talent

BG Art Talent is a project that aims to support the young generations of artists who have made their way nationally and internationally to continue their growth and visibility.

Lara and Rosa are among the most authoritative Italian under 50 artists. They have a large number of personal exhibitions in Italian and international museums as well as participation in major international exhibitions. The two works presented here, so different from each other, have in common the importance of the performative action that leads to the final formalization of the work.

Read on to find out more about the biography of the artists, the works on display and the days and hours of opening to the public.

Rosa Barba in "Language Infinity Sphere"

Born in Agrigento in 1972, she currently lives and works in Berlin.

She has carried out research and experimentation for years using the language of cinema and sculpture, reflecting on the poetic qualities of the natural and man-made landscape and on places as an archive of memory, discarding the concept of linear time.

Images with a powerful impact, portraits of obsolete architecture and natural landscapes and films of remote deserts are recurrent in her work, combined with fragments of text and scenarios in which past and present are intertwined.

Rosa is the winner of numerous awards and a featured artist in international shows
and exhibitions.


Language Infinity Sphere

The work is the result of a performative act executed using a steel ball covered completely in typographic characters made of lead, which were inherited from an Italian printworks that closed after forty years of business.

With a unique and repetitive movement, the artist rolls that sphere over the canvas, creating a fragmented text that is print on the canvas itself.

The work is a rebellion against the contemporary diluted language.

Lara Favaretto in "Squeezing"

Born in Treviso in 1973, she currently lives and works in Turin.

Some of the materials she uses the most in her works include confetti, cement, nitrogen cylinders, carwash brushes and woollen threads.

The artist flits between different languages — primarily installation and sculpture, but also drawing, video, performing arts and references to painting — adopting a profoundly empirical approach, which leaves room for improvisation, the unexpected and error.

This results in works that often have no predefined form, but where this is questioned by destructive processes (either human or mechanical) activated by the artist, starting with a reflection on the ephemeral nature of things and on concepts of time, loss, entropy, traces, memory and transformation.

Pervaded by a tragic feeling, which gains ground even where there seem to be lighter references and materials, Lara’s works question the fetish character of the artwork, its aesthetic value and its very essence, through the acknowledgement of the futility of the efforts that generate it and their potential for failure.



Since 2010, Lara Favaretto has added cement to her expressive lexicon, producing a series of markedly sculptural iconographies that include Squeezing, 2014, on display here. In order to explore the expressive potential and the twofold nature — solid and malleable — of this new medium, Lara perforates it and makes impressions in it with other objects when it is still fresh.

The artist thereby freezes her actions and states of mind: the surface of these blocks, which harden gradually, is no longer smooth, thus revealing the transitory nature of the artistic process that is impressed upon the material and in the titles, which describe the action to which the blocks were subjected.

Michele Seghizzi Head of Marketing and External Department


We are pleased to open the doors of our BG Training & Innovation Hub to introduce the public to admire the works of Lara Favaretto and Rosa Barba, two of the most internationally appreciated Italian artists who enrich our collection developed with Vincenzo De Bellis in BG Art Talent. Rosa and Lara's works lead us to reflect on the evolution of language and sociality, two peculiar elements of humanity that the pandemic has put to a severe test. The hope is that initiatives like this can stimulate food for thought and represent the basis for a strong restart after a strongly negative year and a half.

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