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Our People Strategy

Our People Strategy

We believe in the value of individuals as drivers of sustainable growth

Banca Generali's People Strategy guides our people on a journey of constant growth and development, allowing us to make a difference, in a sustainable way, for our Company’s success and our attention to customers.

People Strategy was created to support Banca Generali’s Strategic Plan, drawing inspiration from the Generali Group’s priorities, and is divided into five main areas.

Our People Strategy is divided into five main areas

  • Culture

Creating a common culture based on leveraging diversity and inclusion by establishing common objectives, values, behaviours and constant dialogue with top management. The development and promotion of gender, age and cultural diversity and the inclusion of different professional skills become fundamental to trigger a sustainable growth process for the Banking Group.

  • Competencies

Developing new competencies by supporting individuals in a process of upskilling and reskilling, with a particular focus on digital and technical competencies.

Specific training and development initiatives are undertaken to support the upskilling of personnel from those areas of the organisation most affected by digital issues, and full-fledged reskilling processes are implemented to support individuals involved in internal mobility and new jobs in different functions within the Banking Group.

  • Leadership & Talent

Supporting the professional growth of our managers and identifying initiatives aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining talent. Through specific initiatives, the goal is to provide constant monitoring, in view of ongoing improvement, of management and leadership coverage in the medium term in support of the sustainability of the Strategic Plan.

  • Organization 

New ways of doing work and collaborating by introducing tools and initiatives that increase flexibility of interaction, exchange of knowledge and personal enrichment. In this respect, it becomes fundamental to identify opportunities for dialogue that permit to create new ideas and develop new projects that go beyond the organisational relationship between the various functions.

  • Excellence

Our ambition is to foster an environment where the performance and potential of our people is recognized and rewarded. This will be possible through the evolution of the Group Reward strategy, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and fostering the participation of all employees in the value creation process.

We want to be the first private bank by value of service, innovation and sustainability. We aim to be trusted professionals, constantly by your side to build and help you reach your life goals.