Our goals

Family protection, focus on our financial advisors, innovation and sustainable approach: these are the hallmarks of our strategy.

The 6 pillars of our strategic plan


Encouraging a culture of sustainability and creating an attractive working environment for talent that is inclusive and capable of making the most of diversity.


Reinforcing the open-banking approach, positioning ourselves as a systems integrator for an ecosystem of partnerships, where the top platforms and skills the market has to offer are integrated into our line-up and placed at the disposal of financial advisors and clients.


Continuing to offer an holistic advisory approach supporting the financial advisors in dialoguing with households not only regarding investment issues, but also pension planning and corporate welfare, real estate and art advisory, and for the study of potential optimisation in protection for the future and in the challenges tied to generational transfer.


Continuing to offer a best-in-class network in terms of the professionalism of our financial advisors, by providing constant training and recruiting the top talent on the market.


Making the most of the strength of the Generali brand, with a particular focus on our premium positioning and digital presence.


Taking an international approach to serving Italian clients, while also creating the conditions for new long-term growth through selective expansion into international markets, developing specific value propositions for local financial advisors and clients.

The goals of our strategic plan are:

  • Developing a culture of talent that looks to sustainability, to the enhancement of diversity and inclusion;
  • Strengthening our "open banking" approach with international partnerships ;
  • Helping customers protect family and business assets;
  • Pursuing an increasingly international development with extraordinary operations also abroad.


We presented our strategic plan during the Investor Day 2018. Discover our financial goals.

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