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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

We want to be the first private bank by value of service, innovation and sustainability. We aim to be trusted professionals, constantly by your side to build and help you reach your life goals.

Our identity

In Banca Generali we believe in the value of our people. We have chosen to focus on professionalism and experience by creating a network of private bankers and wealth advisors able to support Italian families in the choices for the protection of assets and those related to the realization of projects of life. All of this with a view to sustainability and the positive impacts that every single action we take can generate on the planet.

We promote an investment approach to spread the best practices in the areas of environment, governance and people. We also support initiatives to develop and disseminate greater responsibility, contributing to the economic and social development, respecting human rights and their implementation in all our spheres of influence.

We want to be the first private bank by value of service, innovation and sustainability. We want to develop our leadership in the wealth management market, helping families to protect all their assets.
We want to be trusted people, by your side to build and take care of your life projects. Doing all this through economic development that takes account of social aspects and the environment.

Our values

We are inspired by the values of the General Group:

Our Behaviours

Behaviours describe how we want to go about our activity every day and are what differentiate us from others.

They represent our commitment, as a group and as individuals, and how we want to measure how we achieve our results.



Working proactively and passionately to achieve an excellent performance


Simplifying, adapting quickly and making smart decisions


Collaborating with others, showing empathy and team spirit


Embracing differences to create innovation

Aware of our role within society, we promote projects that generate sustainable value for all our stakeholders.