The goal of our work is to improve the lives of our customers, turning a promise into reality.

Long term trust

In 2020, the Bank reported an increase in the total assets under management (+9.7%) and the number of customers served (approximately +4.3%). The increasingly lower percent weight of client segments with limited assets was offset by the increase in clients in clusters with greater invested AUM.

Customers Number and AUM Customers Number Asset Under Management (billion €)
2020 311,947 73.3
2019 299,090 66.8
Var % +4.3% +9.7%
Age 2020% 2019%
< of 35 10% 9%
35-50 20% 22%
51-60 24% 24%
61-70 18% 18%
> of 70 24% 23%
Other 4% 4%

Breakdown of Customers by geographical area

Geographical Area 2020% 2019%
Abroad 1% 1%
Centre 19% 19%
Islands 4% 4%
North-east 31% 31%
North-west 31% 32%
South 15% 15%

Customer Relationship

Through constant innovation, we seek to adapt rapidly to market changes and ensure timely, clear communication of new solutions and services aimed at creating value for our customers and investors more generally, in a manner inspired by the principles of the Generali Group's Code of Ethics.

That Internal Code of Conduct sets out the principles with which to comply in relations with customers:

  • conducting business in compliance with the law, internal regulations and professional ethics;
  • promoting the culture of sustainability in all of our spheres of influence to contribute concretely to economic and social development based on respect for fundamental human rights and labour and environmental protection;
  • processing personal data in a manner respectful of data protection rights, while ensuring they are inaccessible to third parties, except for justified company reasons or in the presence of a specific external mandate;
  • avoiding any conflicts of interest and, where it is not possible to do so, managing them in such a way as not to result in harm to the Bank or its customers;
  • guaranteeing free competition, a fundamental factor for the development of company business and results;
  • providing comprehensive and accurate financial disclosures, as well as information on products and services, so that customers can make informed decisions;
  • combating all forms of bribery and corruption;
  • opposing any conduct that could be intended as supportive of money laundering and financing of terrorism;
  • pursuing customer satisfaction, a key factor to the Bank's strategic vision.

Our business model also combines a wide array of investment solutions and banking services with a qualified advisory service provided by Financial Planners and Private Bankers, so that customers can choose the products that best meet their needs and characteristics.

The distribution network of Financial Planners and Private Bankers located throughout Italy is accompanied by a free Home Banking service that clients can use to communicate with and submit orders to the Bank via the Internet or telephone securely and conveniently.

Product and service policies

Our products and services are designed according to a responsible, transparent approach based on three guidelines:

  • Offering with no conflicts of interest based on an open architecture;
  • Protecting households' investments;
  • Development of banking services for households and the neediest social categories;
  • Risk control and customer support in investment management;
  • Clarity and transparency in communication with clients;
  • Focus on environmental and citizens’ health issues.

Discover our environment policies

We steer our choices so as to ensure compatibility between economic initiative and environmental needs, taking an active role in creating a sustainable future.