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Video and pictures

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Life below water

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Partnerships for the goals

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Climate Action

Percorsi di Innovazione

"Percorsi di Innovazione" is the title of our cycle of meetings dedicated to innovation through the debate with the world of universities and business companies.

Among the protagonists, our CEO Gian Maria Mossa together with other figures from the world of Italian entrepreneurship such as:

  • Riccardo Zacconi, Founder of King;
  • Alessandro Garrone, Executive Deputy Chairman of ERG;
  • Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X;
  • Federico Garcea, Founder and CEO of Treedom.

Some of the main Italian universities have been involved in the meetings already concluded, such as the University of Genoa, LIUC and the MIP - Politecnico di Milano, giving students the opportunity to participate in the discussion through questions and moments of confrontation.

Percorsi di Innovazione | Private banking and Energy, innovazione at the service of sustainability
Percorsi di Innovazione | How to prepare the Next Generation for their Future
Percorsi di Innovazione | Energy and Private Banking facing the challenge of digitalization
A spotlight on sustainability to talk about the goals of the UN 2030 agenda.
#BG4SDGs: Vittorio Pellegrini - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
#BG4SDGs: Valentina Sumini - Climate Action
#BG4SDGs: Luigi Crema - Clean and Affordable Energy
#BG4SDGs: Gianmario Verona - Quality Education
#BG4SDGs: Barbara Mazzolai - Life on Land
#BG4SDGs: Marco Pavone - Sustainable Cities and Communities
#BG4SDGs: Edouard Cukierman - Decent Work and Economic Growth
#BG4SDGs: Chiara Montanari - Partnership for the goals
#BG4SDGs: Marta Ceroni - Forests & Biodiversity
#BG4SDGs: Oreste Pollicino - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
#BG4SDGs: Luisa Cristini - Life below water
#BG4SDGs: Massimiano Bucchi - Science and Technology
#BG4SDGs: Carlo Ratti - Sustainable Cities and Communities

#BancaGenerali: a bank built on people value
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The new sustainable frontier of Banca Generali
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We want to be the first private bank by value of service, innovation and sustainability. We aim to be trusted professionals, constantly by your side to build and help you reach your life goals.