Our people

We value people, we promote diversity and we invest to promote lifelong learning and professional growth by creating a transparent, collaborative and accessible working environment.

Our People

People are one of the five pillars of the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan launched by Banca Generali and one of the key elements on which the Banking Group bases its pursuit of its strategic objectives.

Accordingly, in 2019 close attention continued to be devoted to investments in the development, growth and management of individuals, by spreading a company culture founded on shared values, leveraging diversity and inclusion.

In order achieve these goals, in coordination with the Generali Group, in February 2019 a new People Strategy was launched that takes account of the Bank’s mission and values, the new strategic plan designed for growth and sustainable development, and the Bank’s organisation, while also continuing to pursue the ultimate goal of creating value over time for all of our various stakeholders and developing the Human Capital.

The four pillars of the People Strategy (Culture, New Skill Development, Leadership and Talent and Organisation) are also challenges that Banca Generali has set for itself and will undertake in the coming years for sustainable growth.

At the end of 2020, Banca Generali’s workforce amounted to 962 staff, of which 49% are women. 97% of the Banking Group’s employees worked within the Italian territory. The remaining 3% was based in Luxembourg.

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Employees by Geographical Area


Data as of 31.12.2020

Spreading the values of inclusivity, diversity and customer-centricity

Developing new skills to meet the challenges posed by the market and the needs of our customers

Reinforcing managerial skills to ensure the Bank’s sustainable growth

Simplifying processes and identifying new working models

Enhance the talent and performance of our employees.

Our distribution network

The quality and efficiency of the sales network determine the customer satisfaction level.

Since they work in a sector where reputation is the most valuable asset, Financial Advisors play a very delicate role.
The utmost attention is dedicated to the human and professional profiles of these expert collaborators that are at the service of customers.
Besides the most modern technology, the advisory relationship represents the heart of the services offered by Banca Generali to meet increasingly complex needs that require bestow solutions.
This is why a special focus is placed on Financial Advisor selection and their subsequent professional growth.


Employees training

Banca Generali believes in employee training as a fundamental resource to support the Company’s success and competitiveness, in the short and long term.

The personal and professional growth, the improvement of skills, managerial and technical, of our employees are fundamental pillars to achieve the challenging objectives of the strategic plan.

Training programmes is carried out in constant and continuous paths over time, in line with the needs and talents of people to orient them towards responsibility and individual motivation, in line with the values of the company.

Offering quality training, whether in the classroom, at a distance through the realization of webinars or in e-learning, is the prerogative to support the development of all employees.

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Financial advisory training

The end of 2018 saw the launch of BG Lab, the consolidated digital training channel where Financial Advisors can find all of the new developments and content relating to their training. BG Lab is a way of ensuring optimal adoption of the ongoing training approach, based on physical/digital integration that takes full advantage of all training opportunities, through engagement focused on learning and self-study.

Equal opportunity

We base our success on the enhancement of human resources, attention and commitment towards collaborators, respect for human dignity, freedom and equality, and equal opportunity in the workplace and on career paths, without any kind of discrimination.

In the light of these key principles, the guarantee of equal treatment between men and women and the protection of differently abled and foreign-national employees in the selection process, training, career advancement and remuneration are accompanied by the ambition to build a culture that values diversity of thought, considered to be an essential resource for company development and growth.

To ensure equal opportunities for the differently able, national legislation protecting this group is observed and implemented, including from a logistical standpoint: the buildings that host the Group’s offices are constantly monitored to ensure that they maintain thorough code compliance with regard to architectural requirements and workstations, and parking areas reserved for the disabled are available in the immediate vicinity.

Hiring under open-ended contracts
96% of total employment (962)
Average age of employees
45 years
Percentage of women
New recruitment rate
10% (41,6% are women)

Updated to 31.12.2019

Industrial and Trade Unions relations

We observe trade union rights and freedoms, both as regards trade union organizations (corporate and territorial) and as regards individual employees. Social and national legislation and the provisions of the CCNL Credito or Credit Managers apply to 97.4% of employees.

At the end of 2020, the rate of membership (employees registered with unions compared the total workforce in Italy) was 33%, unchanged compared to the end of 2019.

95% of employees are subject to social and national legislation, and the provisions of the National Collective Labour Agreement (Credit Managers). The sole exceptions are the employees of BGFML, Nextam Partners LTD and BG Valeur S.A., to whom the local legislation applies.

With regard to union activity, particular mention is made of the provisions of the CCNL Credito which provide for a system of union relations articulated through annual (and possibly half-yearly) meetings of information and discussion between the company and company union representatives on the following aspects:

  • strategic prospects (economic and business performance, main balance sheet data, new markets / products);
  • structural profile (data on total employees and main employment / managerial dynamics);
  • quality of human resources (data / information on performance evaluation processes, on merit interventions, on training provided).

In Banca Generali there are no cases of forced, compulsory or irregular work. All employees are free to terminate the employment contract by respecting the notice period established by the contract.