Company information

Company name and registered office
Banca Generali S.p.A.
Via Machiavelli, 4
34132 Trieste
Toll-free number (from Italy only) 800.155.155
Toll free number (from other countries) 0039.051.4994.155

TAX and VAT code registration number and inscription number in Triestes Register of Companies N. 00833240328
Company managed and coordinated by Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.
The Bank is a Member of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund
Registration with the Bank Register of the Bank of Italy under N. 5358
Parent Company of the Banca Generali banking group registered in the Banking Group Register with the ABI code 03075.9

Share capital
Authorized share capital: 119,378,836.00 euros
Issued share capital: 116.851.637,00 euros

The Company’s purpose is the performance of banking activities and hence the collection of deposits and savings and the provision of credit in their various forms. It may also perform every type of financial activity as well as the activities associated with or instrumental to banking and financial activities.