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Banca Generali and 8A+ participate in Treedom’s capital increase

  • The fund 8A+ Real Innovation takes a stake as lead investor in the capital increase of the innovative Florence-based company dedicated to tree-planting and reforestation efforts worldwide
  • The initiative is part of the project BG4Real, Banca Generali’s programme for supporting the real economy

Milan, 7 January 2021 – Banca Generali is at the forefront of investing in sustainability and supporting Italy. The asset management company in which Banca Generali holds a stake, 8A+ Investimenti SGR, through its fund 8A+ Real Innovation, distributed by the bank, announces its participation as lead investor in the capital increase of Treedom, the innovative Florence-based company focused on reforestation and environmental services.

The transaction is part of BG4Real, the project developed by Banca Generali to bridge the gap between private investors and the real economy. In particular, the fund 8A+ Real Innovation will contribute €3 million to Treedom’s €8 million capital increase (100% of the company is valued at €33 million pre-money). The remainder of the capital increase will remain available for subscription by other investors until 30 June 2021.

The initiative is aimed at supporting Treedom as it expands on international markets (Great Britain, France, Spain, Benelux, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) and pursues an IPO.

Treedom is a one-of-a-kind company and one of the most interesting players in agritech, consumer tech and sustainability. The investment is part of Banca Generali’s Bg4Real programme, which seeks to develop SMEs attuned to sustainable development, thereby contributing to increasing the perception of Italy’s capacity for generating innovation. The deal is designed to support the company’s growth and internationalisation efforts. The investment is also an opportunity to continue to reinforce the diversification of the fund’s portfolio, underscoring the tangible commitment that investors can make to benefiting the real economy,”” commented Maria Ameli, Head of Equity Private Investments at Banca Generali.

"The big challenge now faced by Treedom is expanding into international markets, with a particular focus on Europe (Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Benelux and Scandinavia). Thanks to the capital increase, Treedom will be able to invest in developing its Web platform and expanding its community, continuing the process that it began ten years ago. We are pleased that an Italian company is bringing a positive message of sustainability to the world,” commented Federico Garcea, Treedom’s founder and CEO.

Founded in Florence in 2010, Treedom is the world’s first online agroforestry project funding platform, designed to benefit the environment and the communities involved in its projects. This innovative business model offers local farmers the training and tools they need to learn to care for trees and enables anyone who wishes to take part in such environmentally responsible projects. Individuals and companies can purchase trees on Treedom’s website using a transparent, reliable platform and then follow their stories online. Thanks to these social business characteristics, since 2014 Treedom has been a member of the network of B Corporations, companies that seek to go beyond the profit motive to focus on having a positive impact on the environment, communities and stakeholders. Treedom’s business model also contributes actively to as many as ten of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the UN’s 2030 Agenda.


Launched in June 2020, BG4Real is the investment instrument programme developed by Banca Generali to bridge the gap between private investors and the real economy. The project has a twofold objective: on the one hand, meeting households’ needs to seek out value in long-term investments, and, on the other, meeting the growing demand for credit and private capital from businesses and the economic system.

To identify the most interesting and deserving investment opportunities in Italy and Europe, Banca Generali has created an ecosystem of partnerships with research centres, venture capital funds and companies that is capable of identifying trends and changes at an earlier stage.

This is the context for the funds established by 8A+ Investimenti SGR distributed by Banca Generali:

  • 8A+ Real Innovation, an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) dedicated to innovative Italian and European SMEs;
  • 8A+ Real Italy Eltif, a European Long Term Investments Fund focusing on investments in Italian SMEs.

Both instruments adopt a multi-manager and multi-asset approach, while also enabling investors to benefit from the incentives introduced by Article 38 “Reinforcing the system of innovative startups” and Article 136 “Incentives for investment in the real economy” of the Relaunch Italy Decree, converted by Law No. 77 of 17 July 2020.

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