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Net Inflows July 2021

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Net Inflows July 2021

  • Total net inflows at €695 million in July (€4.5 billion YTD)
  • Net inflows of managed solutions at €457 million (€2.95 billion YTD)
  • Assets under Advisory (AuA) at €6.9 billion

Milan, 5 August 2021 – Net inflows amounted to €695 million in July (+32% YoY), bringing the YTD total to €4.5 billion (+34% YoY).  

The increase in net inflows was characterized not only by its significant volumes but also by the quality of its composition. Managed solutions accounted for 66% of total net inflows both for the month with €457 million (+51% YoY) and YTD with €2.95 billion (+94% YoY).

Among individual products, Lux IM Sicav continued to stand out for its growth trend and expanded its offering in late July, introducing a wide range of new strategies. Its net inflows reached €143 million in July (€850 million YTD), driving a strong increase in retail funds/Sicavs (€271 million in July, €1.7 billion YTD).

We also registered a strong demand for insurance wrappers (€129 million in July; €836 million YTD), which have now established as the insurance solution of reference in light of the current bond market context.

Liquidity also increased, mainly driven by the acquisition of new clients (€190 million in July, €1.3 billion YTD).

Assets under Advisory totalled €6.9 billion (+30% YoY).

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Gian Maria Mossa stated: “We are highly satisfied with our July results, which confirm the quality of our managed solutions and our Financial Advisors’ commitment to assisting households in their wealth diversification and protection choices. The expansion of the Lux IM Sicav range at the end of July is yet another important step towards a further strengthening of our thematic and ESG strategies, which are an increasingly distinctive factor appreciated by our clients. Our net inflows are a tangible proof of the quality of our Financial Advisors and of the high profiles of our new recruits, both outstanding at the Bank as well as at sector level. The ongoing interest that so many new clients and Financial Advisors show towards our Bank lead us to confirm our positive prospects for the coming months.” 

  • 11 May 2023 | h: 12:35

    Financial Results 1Q 2023

    The Board of Directors of Banca Generali approved the consolidated results at 31 March 2023.
  • 5 Apr 2023 | h: 16:50

    Net Inflows March 2023

    Total net inflows amounted to €665 million in March (€ 1,524 million YTD); Net inflows of managed solutions at €158 million (€ 333 million YTD).
  • 8 Mar 2023 | h: 17:10

    PR: Net Inflows February 2023

    Total net inflows amounted to €442 million in February (€ 859 million YTD); Net inflows of managed solutions at €122 million (€ 175 million YTD).

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