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24Re - Real estate lands in the metaverse, the future is already here

After the drastic setback in 2020 and the recovery last year, a further acceleration was expected for 2022, but the current economic and geopolitical situation calls for more caution.

According to data from Savillis, the Italian real estate sector in the first months of the year reached an all-time high in the past decade with total investments of 3.4 billion euros, up 172 percent from the first quarter of 2021.

In addition, as a Nomisma report shows, the leap forward in purchases and sales (+34% compared to 2020) and the rise in prices even in medium-sized cities (+1.2% year-on-year for used homes, +1.7% for new ones) well portrays the surge in the residential market.

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24Re - The 'ideal portfolio' of investors

The Italian real estate market is consolidating the recovery that began at the end of 2020 and, also thanks to the resources made available by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP), is aiming to leave behind the setback caused by the Covid-19 and to continue at a rapid pace in 2022.

The recovery is in any case linked to the gradual macroeconomic improvement initiated during the year and the consequent prospects of resilience on the employment front, as well as the materialisation of the expectations of recovery that fuel the climate of confidence of households and businesses.

According to Nomisma's latest Observatory on the real estate market, interest in homes is also on the rise, much higher than expected (more than 3.3 million households are looking for a new home, despite a not necessarily prosperous income and assets situation).

This assumes an expectation that the changes of the last two years will be structural as the health emergency wears off.

Read the new issue of the 24Re newsletter, the quarterly window on the property market developed in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore!

24Re - Recovery and optimism the key words of the residential market

In the new issue of the 24Re newsletter, the quarterly window on the real estate market developed in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore, we analyse the state of health of the market with a focus on the commercial sector.

The in-depth regulatory analysis focuses instead on the DL on short term rentals and on the hypotheses for the post Superbonus110%. The voice of our partners is also present, with an interview dedicated to the foreign market with Wire Holding.

A new digital talk with our Maria Ameli, Head of non-financial services, and Angelo Cinel, CEO of Wire Holding, is also available.

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24Re - Incentives and sustainability: this is the future of real estate

In the latest issue of our newsletter "24Re", dedicated to real estate, we will focus on a much discussed topic in recent months: Superbonus 110%.

The measure launched by the government was created with the aim of transforming the real estate scenario through renovation, energy upgrading and sustainability. An opportunity for both owners and industry professionals to intercept various opportunities.

Among the elements analyzed, there is also that on sustainable cities which play a crucial role for intervention projects in the era of climate crisis we are experiencing.

We talked about this with Alessandro De Biasio, CEO of Gabetti Lab, and with Barbara Fornara, our Real Estate expert, during the digital talk moderated by our Marketing and External Relations Director Michele Seghizzi.

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