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Net Inflows May 2019


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Net Inflows May 2019

  • Total net inflows at €475 million in May (€2,431 million YTD)
  • Net inflows of managed products at €196 million (€1,012 million YTD)
  • Assets under Advisory at €3.6 billion (+€300 million in May)

Milan, 4 June 2019 – In May, Banca Generali reported high net inflows amounting to €475 million (€2.4 billion YTD). With regard to managed products, the innovative Luxembourg-based Sicav LUX IM showed an excellent performance, with €175 million net inflows in May and €765 million YTD.

Insurance products, and LOB I policies in particular, continued to be in high demand (€86 million in May; €707 million YTD) as a defensive investment in high-volatility periods.

Professional clients continued to show high appreciation for the new AUC solutions, which totalled €112 million net inflows (€452 million YTD), of which €66 million generated by newly issued certificates (€162 million YTD) and €46 million by illiquid products (€290 million YTD).

The net inflows increase was accompanied by a sharp growth in Assets under Advisory, which reached €3.6 billion, up €1.3 billion YTD thanks to advanced advisory services focusing on the clients’ financial and non-financial wealth.

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Gian Maria Mossa stated: “May was yet another excellent month, even more remarkable considering the heightened market volatility and uncertainties in the period. Professional advisory services oriented to wealth protection continued to meet with success, and the quality of both our bankers and our offer were increasingly appreciated. The growth of Assets under Advisory exceeded our expectations, confirming the solidity of our wealth management and financial planning approach. In a context of caution due to geo-political tensions, the demand for our multiple investment solutions allows us to look with confidence to our prospects for the coming months.

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