L’Istituto Tedesco di Qualità e Finanza ha incluso il nostro team di Asset Management nella ristretta cerchia dei Migliori Gestori in Italia del 2020

23 December 2019

Banca Generali among the Best Asset Managers in Italy in 2020

Banca Generali closes 2019 with another prestigious recognition of the value of the service. The German Institute of Quality and Finance has in fact included Banca Generali's Asset Management team in the restricted circle of the Best Asset Managers in Italy in 2020, testifying to the bank's commitment in developing quality investment solutions for Italian private customers .

The Institute's team of experts, which has been conducting similar benchmarks in Germany and Switzerland for years, has asked Italian banks to develop the investment portfolio for a typical customer, taking into account the current market scenario. Among the various proposals, that of Banca Generali was characterized by the high level of diversification - both globally and thematically - and a marked exposure to ESG investments.

The evaluation of the German Quality and Finance Institute concerned, in particular, four sub-categories (organization, customer orientation, portfolio quality and transparency) and assigned Banca Generali a score of 88% which rewards above all the quality of the selection of the underlying and orientation to customer needs.

The recognition of the German Institute comes at the end of a year in which Banca Generali presented the new management team organization. From the beginning of 2019, in fact, Banca Generali's Asset Management - entrusted to the guidance of Mario Beccaria - has been divided into eight asset management teams with the aim of developing different lines and strategies: relative management; total return strategies; customized management; alternative management; quantitative management and family office, to which were added the teams of the subsidiary Nextam Partners and that of the London partner MainStreet, focused on ESG investments.

Banca Generali's innovation in the asset management field therefore focused on the product, with the launch of 16 new sectors in the innovative SICAV LUX IM and with the development of highly unrelated solutions that bring more mature customers closer to alternative and illiquid products. .

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